Elevator Motor Repair

AC Elevator Motors - DC Elevator Motors - Passenger / Freight Elevators

IPMR offers complete elevator motor repair service on standard AC and DC elevator motors as well as specialty motors including those used in passenger and freight operation.

IPMR quality elevator motor repair includes step-by-step disassembly, detailed inspections and measurements to identify any electrical and mechanical damage.

All mechanical repairs on shafts, bearing journals, end bells, etc., are handled in-house by experienced machinists.

Old motor windings are stripped in a temperature controlled burnout oven to prevent efficiency loss from lamination damage. Motors are then rebuilt using the highest quality wire, insulation, and varnish for long-lasting repairs in the most severe industrial environments.

Depending on your needs, repaired motor can be tested for correct electrical and mechanical operation. During these tests, voltage, current, bearing temperature and vibration are closely monitored and documented.