Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Industrial Pump and Motor Repair, LTD is proud to announce the addition of Wastewater Treatment Equipment Parts and Service for municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. IPMR has developed a quality reputation for offering durable products and outstanding service and repair.

Our expansion to offer water and wastewater treatment equipment allows us to provide pump equipment from leading manufacturers along with our experienced staff to install, maintain, and repair your equipment.

Water and Wastewater Equipment Includes:
  • Packaged Pump Stations
  • Sludge Drying Bed Media and Static Screens
  • Blower Packages and Diffusers
  • Packaged Steel Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Open Channel & Wet Well Mounted Grinders

For Water and Wastewater Applications:
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment
  • Agricultural and Food Processing
  • Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Water Conditioning and Wells

As an authorized regional distributor for many major water and wastewater treatment product lines, IPMR can provide the convenience of a single source supplier along with competitive pricing.

New and Existing Water and Waste Water Treatment System Upgrade Configuration Assistance: Our expert staff can give you a hand with any aspect at any stage of your water or wastewater project.

Water and Wastewater Equipment Maintenance Services: Save time and money by keeping your pump and related equipment running smoothly for years with proper maintenance from IPMR. All of your technical needs will be addressed quickly and accurately by our experienced staff.

On-Site and Off-Site Water and Wastewater Equipment Repair: IPMR can have a technician perform the needed maintenance or repairs at your location or you can ship your pumps and meters to our certified repair center. Pumps and motors are generally returned within 24-48 hours (Contact us for details).

Factory Authorized Warranty Repair: We support everything we do with factory-trained, fully-equipped electrical and mechanical experts.

Take a look at our image gallery of just a few projects we have completed at IPMR.

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